Circus Aerials -
Portable Aerial Rig - 18 Foot Rig
Dimensions for The Circus Aerials Society Free-Standing Portable Rig at 18 Feet
Outdoor Circus Aerials Rig
Free-Standing Portable Circus Rig used Indoors
tents are great
if there is a
slight drizzle.
Tents also
form a stand
alone curtain
for our indoor
which allows
us to switch
apparatus and
FrFree-Standing Portable
Circus Aerials Rig
  • No staking required.
  • Can be used indoors or
  • Only hour of set up time
    is required.
  • The apparatus can be
    cleared from the floor in
    15 minutes, if required.
  • Only four crew
    members are required
    for set up and take
  • If set up at 18 feet, it
    requires a ceiling height
    of at least 20.5 feet and
    a base triangle of 18 feet
    which must be kept
Dimensions for The Circus Aerials Society Portable Rig at 18 Foot Height