Circus Aerials - Portable Rig
If your venue does not have a rigging point in the ceiling or if your event is outdoors, we
have the solution!
The Circus Aerials Society has a portable rig that we can bring to your event for our
performance. Please see below for requirements
Minimum Height: The rig can be set at 14 feet by removing leg sections. The base of
rig requires a triangle of clear area underneath of 14 feet on each edge of the triangle.
Ceiling Height: The 14 foot set-up requires a clear ceiling height of 17 feet.

One hour of set up time is required. The apparatus can be cleared from the floor in 15
minutes, if required.
Minimum crew of four people are required for set up.

Medium Height: The rig can also be set up at 18 feet, which requires a ceiling height of
at least 20.5 feet and a base triangle of 18 feet which must be kept clear.

Maximum Height: 24 feet, with a working rigging point at 22.5 feet. We require a 25
foot or higher overhead clearance and base equilateral triangle of 22 feet kept clear.
Outdoor Requirements:
If it is outside then we can perform at
22.5 feet.
Base - the base of the rig is a triangle 22
feet per side which must be kept clear for
the safety of performers and guests.
We require a fairly flat surface for the rig
but it doesn't have to be perfect.
Our tent allows us to perform if there is a
light drizzle.
We have two "tents" that
we can put on top of the
rig. The one at left is for
the 22.5 foot set up and
the one at right is for use
when our rig is set-up at 18
feet. These tents are great
when the weather is a bit
unpredictable and they
also form a stand alone
curtain for our indoor
performances, which
allows us to switch
apparatus and costumes.
The Circus Aerials Society can perform on fabric, (Aerial Tissu, Aerial Silks, Aerial Ribbon, Lyra
(cerceau, hoop), Cradle or Dance trapeze (Single Point Trapeze) on our portable rig. It is ideal
for outdoor festival or venues which do not have a rigging point in the ceiling.
Tent and Rig Used Indoors
Rig Used Indoors without Tent
Circus Aerials Portable Rig at 18 Feet used at Le Centre Sheraton, Montreal for Gala Dinner
Tent for rig at 18 feet
Tent for rig set at 22 feet.