The Parade of Lost Souls - Secret Souls Walk Performance
with a few of The Great Northern Way Aerial Society Aerialists
Cori and KK
The Great Northern Way Aerial Club is a
non-profit collective of dedicated and
enthusiastic Aerialists who have banded
together to make a home to practice the
Aerial arts in Vancouver.
Rent for this space, equipment and
insurance is covered by member dues
and guest drop-in fees.
The space is informal. It is shared with
Scenic Painters, Sculptors and Scenic
Carpenters and is very unique but is
closing next year.
In May 2013 The Great Northern Way
Club will need a new home.
If you know of a space that has high
ceilings that are accessible for rigging,
and would like some high flying
acrobats around, please contact:
The Great Northern Way Aerial Club
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2012
Public Dreams
"Beyond the End of Time, A New

This year’s Secret Souls Walk invited
artists, performers and patrons to explore
what the end of this world age could look
like – to explore, and to create what awaits
us just over the horizon.

Well, as it turned out it was pouring rain
and there was an earthquake occurring not
far off our coast but hey, what's a bit of
rain? It's not the end of the world!
We had a great time performing and the
audience was fantastic! They stood in the
pouring rain and cheered us on and asked
for more.
Thank you Vancouver!
Cori and KK
.Photo by Kristin Piljay