Why take a circus class?
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Children's & Adults Classes
Single point or dance trapeze is
more fun if you spin!
Circus Aerials are a fun class to do with your
young children or your inner child.
Aerial Silks are a fun way to develop
upper body strength.
Circus Aerials -
Classes and Events
Circus aerials; including aerial silks,
trapeze and aerial hoop are a great way
to build upper body and core strength.
It also improves your flexibility.
It might help you deal with a fear of
Trying new activities can keep you
motivated in your fitness routine.
Circus classes help to improve balance
and may reduce your risk of
Aerial silks is a performance art so there
are performance opportunities to show
off to your friends and family or maybe
You may find it is more motivating that a
yoga class or pumping iron!
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Aerial Hoop is also a great workout but it
can be painful..
Lyra or Aerial Hoop is another great
upper body workout
The Circus Aerials Society works with independent aerialists who perform on aerial silks, hoop and dance trapeze to coordinate performances and shows.  We also teach
classes in aerial silks, hoop and dance Trapeze and sell Instructional Manuals and DVDs for Aerial Silks and other Aeirial arts. Aerial silks is also referred to as aerial tissu,
aerial fabric and aerial tissue,  in Vancouver, British Columbia