Cori is a Circus aerialist who performs on aerial silks and swinging trapeze. She teaches classes in aerial silks. Aerial silks is also
referred to as aerial tissu, aerial fabric and aerial tissue. Classes in swinging trapeze, juggling, trampoline and other circus aerials are
offered through the Vancouver Circus School at the North Vancouver Recreation and West Vancouver Recreation gymnastics.
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Cirque Atlantic
Firefly Theatre, Emdonton
Toronto Circus School
La Cacerne

Aerial silks Classes
Circus, School, North, Vancouver, West, Shore, aerial,
silks, tissu, fabric, tissue, arts, trapeze, Cirkids, Flying
Dreams, Salt Spring, Firefly, Edmonton, Alberta, British,
Columbia, Canada, Ontario, Quebec, Montreal, Cirque,
Atlantic, Halifax, Toronto,
Aerial Silks classes or Schools in
Canada. Aerial circus arts may include
trapeze and lyra (hoop) silks (tissu,
tissue, fabric, chiffon) Training in;
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Edmonton, Alberta, Toronto, Ontario,
Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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