Photo by Ryan Davidson
The Circus Aerials Society provides performances and instruction for circus aerialists who
perform on aerial silks, hoop, and  dance or static trapeze to train, coach and to perform.

We work with independent Aerial Artists to produce spectacular performances.
Performances can be a solo performance or with multiple performers.
We offer group, one on one instruction and DVDs for instruction of adults and children in
cirque aerial arts.
Contact us to arrange a performance for your function on our portable rig or in your venue.
The sky is the limit!

Photo by Jasna

Photo by Jasna
Photo by Dave Clemendan

Photo by Ryan DavidsonPhoto by Dave
Circus aerials includes aerial silks, trapeze and aerial hoop (Lyra), to
name a few of the aerial arts. This site is also a resource to help you
find a location or school that offers Circus Instruction or
Performance in these arts
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Circus Aerial Arts develops strength, flexibility, spatial awareness
and an ability to perform at height.
It's fun and an amazing workout!
To order an instructor's Manual or DVD
visit our
Circus Aerialists Performers- Aerial Silks,
Aerial Hoop, Dance Trapeze
Aerial Silks involves performance on special fabric that is hung by a
qualified and experienced rigger or engineer for this activity. We  
have several duet performers.
Find out about Circus classes, private Instruction or a Circus School
in Vancouver or in your area here
Classes in single point and static trapeze and other circus aerials or
cirque arts are offered, as well as performances. Circus aerial arts
can include aerial silks, aerial hoop, which is also called lyra or
cerceau and trapeze. Trapeze offered is static trapeze, or dance
trapeze. Dance trapeze is also called single point trapeze.
Aerial silks is also referred to as aerial tissu, aerial fabric and aerial

Photo by Dave Clendenan
Classes & performance in single point trapeze (dance trapeze)  aerial
hoop (aerial lyra, cerceau), aerial silks, (aerial fabric, aerial ribbons,
ribbon dance, aerial tissu, aerial tissue, tissu aerien) are offered by
Circus Aerials.
Aerial Silks Duet Performers Photo by Ryan Davidson E-mail:
The Circus Aerials Society
Circus Aerial Silks Performers Photo by Jasna
Aerial Circus Performer Photo by Jasna
Circus Aerial Performer Photo by Dave Clendenan